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Ports of Jersey


Incorporating new workers into a business can be difficult – and transferring 350 employees from the local government to become part of the workforce at Ports of Jersey (POJ) was no exception. 

With all 350 employees – who worked across an array of services including airport, harbour and marine terminals, as well as engineering – transferred keeping the same pay, terms and conditions as they had in their previous organisations, rewarding teams fairly became hugely divisive, and made encouraging team working very difficult. POJ leaders recognised that something needed to be done to provide fair working conditions across the company. 

In late 2016, POJ’s Reward Project was launched with the idea of utilising worker engagement across all teams and levels within the organisation to help design its future reward structure. The reward principles, which were mirrored with the CIPD’s professional principles, ensured every outcome from the project was aligned with POJ’s long-term strategy and employee wellbeing.

The POJ team invited employees to join focus groups that discussed internal and external research on each employment term and condition. To help redevelop a basic pay structure, POJ set up a job evaluation process which also involved employee panels to identify and evidence the value of every role within the business.

And on 1 April 2018, after over a year of consultation and engagement, all employees were transferred onto the new reward structure, and POJ went from having six pay structures and 43 pay grades to just seven new and clear pay bands.

This shift also mean POJ employees have felt more secure in their work knowing that reward was fair across the organisation. Its 2018 employee engagement survey saw significant improvements following the reward project, specifically with upticks in employees saying they were proud to work at POJ, as well as that working conditions had improved.

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