Best SME team management initiative



OneFile, a leading learning and development software provider in the UK, realised in 2018 that there was a cultural problem across the company. The CEO at the time was managing nine leaders, and there was inconsistency in reporting lines, role descriptions and salaries. Instead of planning strategically, OneFile was hiring people to solve problems in the business – which only added complexity to their internal problems instead of reducing them.

Additionally, sales and profit were reducing month-on-month, staff engagement was low and sickness absences were increasing and interventional feedback sessions resulted in conflict between teams. The business was on track for a loss by the end of the financial year.

But in July that year, the company decided to launch their OneFamily initiative. It implemented new behavioural framework, introduced new company objectives and key results (OKRs) for training and utilised a new management software. 

OneFamily was designed to strategically align with all of OneFile’s people management initiatives, improve productivity, boost profitability and create a company staff loved to work for.

A new CEO was appointed, and OneFile recruited an organisational psychologist to train senior leaders in organisational development theory and identified a clear need for cultural change. As a result, OneFile reorganized the company structure to create clear departmental areas and to cultivate the right conditions for such a shift. 

OneFile introduced new role portraits and behavioural frameworks to all teams. They also worked with employees individually to explain what behaviours were expected in their role and what would be held accountable to them. 

The result has been a complete turnaround. Staff are happier, more engaged, better trained and delivering outstanding customer service. And the business that was set to make a loss has seen significant profit in just six months. 

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