Judges Testimonials

Elaine Grell, Group People Director, The Collective

'A clear articulation of the problem to be solved/vision, the strategy and plans followed and the impact made - both quantitative and qualitative.'

Emma Taylor, UK & Ireland People Director, Tesco

'HR professionals who are committed to the future of the profession - a focus on future skills, continuous improvement, innovation and best practice.'

Kessar Kalim, Director of HR London School of Hygiene

'Clarity, sense of purpose and meaningful impact on people, organisational culture and performance.'

Laura Overton, Business Analyst

'An award winner will inspire others with their ability to meet a clear business need in ways that challenge the traditional status quo.'

Sam Westwood, Head of People, The White Company

'Innovative approach. Passionate delivery. Measurable business results.'

Yetunde Hofmann, Non Executive Director, CIPD

'An alignment of the organisation's strategy, purpose and values and also a clear line of site to generating commercial returns beyond the bottom line.'

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