Michael Kelly outstanding student award, advanced level

Coca Cola HBC, Aimee Hull


Aimee Hull used her CIPD training to set up and implement an ambitious development centre at the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC), one of the largest employers in Northern Ireland. 

The company had seen a 300 per cent increase in recruitment, and more development was needed to address an increased requirement at manager level. The company originally planned to have the project delivered by an external provider, but Aimee designed a plan that could be carried out in-house.

A considerable amount of persuasion was required to get senior staff on board, as such a project had never been delivered in house before, but once Aimee was able to convince participants and her senior colleagues, she became responsible for planning, coordinating and delivering the development centre with six different assessments, covering seven full days for 48 staff across Northern Ireland.

Aimee’s CIPD training prepared her for the challenge, as she was prepared to communicate in different ways with different people, and trained in managing conflict. Detailed knowledge of succession planning was also key to Aimee’s success – something that CIPD training had given her expert knowledge of. 

Following the assessment, the project provided tailored development recommendations, with each participant being provided with a strong individual plan. Aimee was also able to give a feedback meeting with each manager and help them make the most of the experience. 

Of the 48 staff assessed, 10 have so far been promoted in the last nine months. Additionally, CCHBC made a saving of over £168,000 by carrying out the project in-house rather than bringing in an external provider. Some feedback given also said that the process was smoother than those offered from external providers. 

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