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Julie Brounos - c2c


Every year, 1.7 billion people travel by rail, and thousands of passengers utilise trail operating company c2c’s website for their travel plans. So ensuring c2c’s workforce remains happy and motivated to deliver the exceptional service expected by the company’s high standards is crucial.

Julie Brounos, learning and development manager, took it upon herself to take L&D out of the shadows and make it a key driver of the business. 

This role, which launched Julie’s HR career, has meant she has revolutionised how c2c engages with and measures L&D within the business. When she started, Julie created a training matrix and started to collate electronic records to ensure that there was data to analyse, so that the L&D Budgets would be fir for purpose and KPI's would be reliable.

To keep the L&D function within the business, Julie took it upon herself to understand the management functions for the L&D department and align project plans with c2c’s core values.

She entered into a CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Learning and Development in February 2019, and soon found it was critical in enabling her to build c2c’s L&D scheme from scratch.

Julie utilised the training to explore all business considerations required when building a training budget, and she created a new performance management process for business leaders to align their project plans with c2c’s business plan. 

The KPI reporting process has also been improved after Julie helped digitalise the data onto a new learning management system which has helped staff easily access development opportunities. 

Julie’s work continues, and she is just getting started with developing c2c’s wider L&D programme. But she has already achieved multiple wins for the train company and has been appointed c2c’s secretary and manager for their Engaged & Motivated People Goal Group where she has helped evolve a wider discussion around reward and recognition in the business.

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