Disability Job

Disabilityjob.co.uk is a leading UK job board for disabled candidates. We are used by employers to attract a broad range of candidates to their job vacancies, to help create a diverse and inclusive workforce.

We assist employers to implement best practice, and reflect your commitment to being an equal opportunities employer, through your job advertisements.

Advertising jobs on Disabilityjob.co.uk, communicates to disabled candidates that an employer is developing a culture of inclusion, which encourages job seekers to apply, and help to build diversity in the workplace.

Our trusted clients include Starbucks, DHL, AVIVA, Bath University, Benefit Cosmetics, Red Bull, NSPCC, Linklaters, HM Land Registry, ODEON plus many more.

Visit us today www.disabilityjob.co.uk and view thousands of live jobs. We would love to chat and explain how the service can benefit you.

Category sponsor: Best equality, diversity and inclusion initiative (EDI)