Elaine Grell

Global HR Director , Chief People Officer

Elaine has over 20 years' experience leading strategic human resources; shaping and delivering people and culture solutions in mature global FTSE100 and SME scale-up businesses in Europe and the US. She has held executive HR roles in the travel, hospitality, real estate and media industries. As a proven HR Practioner she has developed and implemented people strategies that have utilised the key levers to improve organisational effectiveness. Her international experience is gained from having previous roles with global functional and regional responsibilities and living and working in Europe and the US. She holds an MBA from the Open University and certificates in Coaching from Ashridge Business School and Interpersonal Mediation from UK Mediation. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD). Living in London, she is a Trustee of the Springboard Charity and a Mentor for the CIPD Aspiring HR Director Mentoring programme.