Harnessing the power of data and intelligence to make smarter decisions is key to any successful HR operation, and helping organisations do precisely this is Ceridian’s bread and butter. Its flagship cloud HCM platform Dayforce is designed to take the pain points out of human capital management and enable people professionals to make intelligent, data-based decisions.

When Costa Coffee was acquired by Coca-Cola in 2018, it needed a technology solution to ensure it could scale its workforce efficiently while maintaining quality of service. The shift demanded a system that could plan and model labour requirements for its growing number of retail locations, alongside allowing its predominantly younger workforce to access information at the touch of a button.

Costa Coffee implemented Dayforce for labour planning and workforce management, which allowed the people team to provide employees with a better experience. The efficiencies gained has meant that Dayforce is now used by the coffee chain for all aspects of operational labour management, resourcing and HR policy checks.

The coffee giant has seen a 100 per cent adoption rate of Dayforce across the retail business, and every employee can access the mobile app to manage their availability and scheduling on the go. It also implemented Dayforce Payroll and GR which went live to over 18,000 team members in the UK in March 2020 – just as the pandemic hit.

Despite an unprecedented moment that no disaster management plan could have predicted, Costa Coffee and Ceridian worked hand in hand to mobilise the situation. Within 48 hours of going into national lockdown, the Dayforce application enabled Costa Coffee to furlough more than 12,000 team members and build documentation and forms into the process.

Meanwhile, a suite of reports within Dayforce gave Costa access to data and statistics for all employees that were furloughed, allowing them to see real-time status updates of the operational estate. These reports became valuable for the government furlough claim back scheme, which enabled the Costa leadership teams to make informed decisions using accurate data every step of the way.

Andrew Ratcliffe, global head of people shared services, said that he “could not imagine going through this period without Dayforce”, describing it as a tremendous help beyond just payroll.

The judges said the team at Ceridian had “clear passion, energy and pride in their product” which meant Costa was able to “successfully navigate [lockdown] and the numerous legislative changes that followed”.

Highly commended: McCrudden Training