Khaji Kushumbayev

Khaji Kushumbayev

“People matters” was the leading principle for Khaji Kushumbayev, an HR generalist at Eradah Capital, a start-up digital Bank in Dubai, during his project.

As a part of his 5UIN assignment, Kushumbayev was required to review an area of HR practice and present a business report with recommendations for improvement, supported by reliable research.

For his project, Kushumbayev addressed the effects and benefits of effective employee onboarding and how it is related to higher engagement, performance and employer branding. He created an entire onboarding journey strategy with three levels to the project (organisational, technical and social) which would last for six months after new joiners’ first day.

While at an organisational level, onboarding included an orientation day with presentations, branded welcome gifts and icebreaker activities, technical onboarding looked at setting clear expectations of the job. Khaji proposed new joiners write their job description on day one to assess their understanding of the role before it is later discussed with line managers.

A challenge was that Kushumbayev had to convince line managers to set easy-to-achieve goals during new joiners’ first weeks to gain more confidence and motivation. He also asked line managers to explain to new joiners how their job will affect the overall performance of the organisation and add value to its strategic objectives.

During the social onboarding level, he worked on building a sense of belonging, partnerships and relationships with the community, including a buddy programme.

Kushumbayev believes that his work on this project embodies the principle “Work matters”, with people placed at the centre of the task. His aim was to “help others fast track self-actualisation at the workplace” and “see how they can contribute to the greater good of the company”.

The judges said Kushumbayev gave a “very clear and thorough presentation” and that his level of ownership was “particularly impressive” in identifying the business problem, envisaging the solution, and delivering every element himself. They cited the firm’s 100 per cent success rate in confirming people in post since the project was introduced, as well as seeing support in the business at a critical phase of its growth.

The judges also reported that new employees of the bank have had a “significantly better experience” following the implementation of the onboarding programme with attention to detail including recognising people’s birthdays pre joining and thinking about travel arrangements for starters on their first day.